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Prostate symptom relief, without meds

Rezum water vapor therapy is a quick, outpatient procedure for shrinking the prostate and reducing aggravating urinary symptoms. It’s a great option for men bothered by their symptoms or if you want to get off your BPH meds, and there are no sexual side effects.

Say goodbye to bladder leaks with Bulkamid

We are excited to be at the cutting edge of incontinence treatment here in Central Kentucky. Bulkamid is an incisionless, quick, outpatient procedure for leaking with laughing, coughing, or exercise.

System Outage Update

Partial systems have been restored at our hospital network after the recent outage affecting phones, fax, and computers for the last month. Our normal phone lines are now back up. Please be aware there may be some interruptions in phone service as the IT department continues to troubleshoot the issue for the hospital network. Thank…

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